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Live a Life of Love Always Necklace

Price: $270.00
Product Sku: N51
A true testament to nurturing, Jes designed this beautiful charm in honor of all Mothers. Sterling silver necklace with a charm etched with the honest words “You only live once” encourages the beauty of embracing life to its fullest. Lobster clasp. 20”L
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Sea Ring Bracelet

Price: $4,300.00
Product Sku: b4-13
Nine large pearls ring in 14k yellow gold hand-hewn bone link chain. 7.5"L
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Wisdom Reign Bracelet

Price: $9,900.00
Product Sku: H10-B18
A bangle of 14k rose gold stars two conflict-free diamonds. Charms orbit freely, a 14k rose gold grow strong tree, a 14k yellow gold winged heart, and 14k yellow gold owl with a soul of incredibly rare, high quality green tourmaline.
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Teardrop Pearl Earrings

Price: $1,220.00
Product Sku: SE-611-19
Teardrop 14k yellow gold hoops, each with white pearls and a teardrop-shaped sterling silver charm engraved with a tiny heart in the middle. French earwire closure. 1.5" L.
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Winged Spirit Necklace

Price: $270.00
Product Sku: N47
The earth shines beneath a fearless wingspan of grace, all sterling silver. Lobster clasp. 20"
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Circle of Choice Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: N42
An all sterling silver charm available for one letter customization leaves you with mystery and opportunity. Lobster clasp. LENGTH 19.5”
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Reach Bracelet

Price: $580.00
Product Sku: B2-401
Triple-strand bracelet made up of freshwater pearls, aquamarine, amethyst, chrysoprase and moonstone, and adorned with two sterling silver charms engraved with the words 'Reach'. Sterling silver lobster clasp. 6"-8" L.
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Clouds Rain Bracelet

Price: $890.00
Product Sku: sb-b0b
Two strands of large white pearls lead to irregular handmade sterling silver beads. Fits up to 8" wrist. Lobster clasp.
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Elegant Dichotomy Necklace

Price: $3,400.00
Product Sku: JM-12
See casual elegance refined in this hip, mixed media piece. On dappled 14k rose gold chain, trade beads from the 1800's, rare red coral, sugalite and turquoise are punctuated by three abstract 24k yellow gold charms. A .33 karat conflict-free diamond sparkles from 14k yellow gold bezel, framed by a 14k yellow and rose gold bead starring four tiny diamonds. 14k yellow gold lobster clasp and signature tag. 18.0"L
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Peace Within Necklace

Price: $240.00
Product Sku: N43
This all sterling silver necklace will guide an illuminated path to inner peace. Lobster clasp. LENGTH 20”
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Rancher Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: SB-61312
White heart trade beads and sterling silver woven in brown cord meet at turquoise in silver bezel. Button clasp. Fits up to 9" wrist.
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Leaps and Bounds Bracelet

Price: $340.00
Product Sku: SB-914-B40
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Black Rose Ring Bracelet

Price: $1,700.00
Product Sku: b4-17
Smooth hues of pink tourmaline, a stone becoming increasingly rare, vary in 14k rose gold wire wrapping. A strand of conflict-free black diamonds in the same complete. Three 14k rose gold charms and toggle clasp. 7.5"L
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Pearls of Faith Necklace

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: SN-914-A26
A delicate strand of pearls, with ruby, carnelian, and turquoise accents, and a sterling silver heart and cross-shaped charm. 24" L.
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Unbreakable Heart Necklace

Price: $390.00
Product Sku: N53
A heart with unyielding strength will encapsulate love forever, all sterling silver. Lobster Clasp. 20”L
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Golden Ama Cuff

Price: $12,000.00
Product Sku: 11-b37-yg
Born from love, filled with an abundance of vitality and joy. Bold, twisted 14k yellow gold cuff holds two 14k yellow gold symbols of inner courage/trees, peace/doves, and the life giving Sun. Signed. Fits wrist size from 6 ¾ to 7 ¾”. Band measures 3/8” wide. (Also available in sterling cuff with 14K rose end charms; Ama~ 11-B48 $3200.00)
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Gwyneth Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: SB-1013-16
Two strands of tiny freshwater pearls separated by three delicate 14k white gold chains come together in the stunning Gwyneth Bracelet. Signature Jes MaHarry hook-and-loop closure. Signed. 8" L.
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Robins Egg Cuff Links

Price: $420.00
Product Sku: SMCL-1
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Love Safe Necklace

Price: $4,200.00
Product Sku: 11-n002
On thin sterling chain of hand-hewn bone links hangs this impenetrable token of love. 14k rose gold with a conflict-free diamond perimeter frames a customizable space, up to two letters. Back reads, "you are always in my heart." Contact studio for details.
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Pretty Penny Pearl Necklace

Price: $1,200.00
Product Sku: SN-611-116
An elegant strand of freshwater pearls come together in this lovely, delicate necklace with a 14k yellow gold charm reminiscent of a lucky penny at its center. 24" L.
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Carnival Bracelet

Price: $780.00
Product Sku: B2-403
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Gwynevere Bracelet

Price: $580.00
Product Sku: SB-1013-15
Two strands of alternating shades of grey and white freshwater pearls separated by three delicate 14k white gold chains come together in the stunning Gwynevere Bracelet. Signature Jes MaHarry hook-and-loop closure. Signed. 6.5-8.5" L.
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One Moon Cuff

Price: $5,600.00
Product Sku: 1kind
The One Moon Cuff is an incredibly special bracelet. Made with recycled saddle leather, each piece features custom drawings by Jes. Every one is wholly unique, a one of a kind treasure made especially for you. Around the massive crescent moon, shining in sterling silver, on which a 14k golden dove is perched, Jes' whimsical drawings of love, friendship and family play. Contact studio for details.
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Always Pearl Bracelet

Price: $1,900.00
Product Sku: B4-400
White freshwater pearls on a 14k yellow gold chain suspend a hanging 14k yellow gold heart charm engraved with the words 'Always'. 6.5-8" L.
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