Jes MaHarry Jewelry

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Lucky Heart Wrap Bracelet

Price: $360.00$252.00
Product Sku: SB-5159
This cool leather wrap bracelet features green and red "white heart" trade beads dating back hundreds of years. Cross and burrow charms hang in center. Hammered sterling silver button clasp. 17-20"L
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Swell Necklace

Price: $340.00$238.00
Product Sku: SN-5156
A heavy sterling silver ring symbolic of the ceaseless churn of ocean waves hangs from recycled leather. Above, hand-hewn sterling silver beads and charms hang with red and blue wrapping. Signed silver button clasp. 19.0"L
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Strapping Bracelet

Price: $490.00$343.00
Product Sku: SB-414-D
Soft and dark, this leather bracelet features a thick sterling silver plate available for letter customization. Unique cufflink style button clasp, sterling silver sun. Signed. Adjustable
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Fairbanks Bracelet

Price: $290.00$203.00
Product Sku: SB-515-45
Earthy and wild like the rivers raging through a Fairbanks summer, this cool leather and woven bracelet features a mix of hand-hewn sterling silver and trade beads. Signed silver button clasp. 8.0"L
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Saddle Bracelet

Price: $490.00
Product Sku: SB-414-E
This simple leather bracelet is available for one letter customization on the focal sterling silver medallion. Unique cufflink style button clasp reads "peace" inside. Fits up to 8" wrist.
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Rancher Bracelet

Price: $490.00$343.00
Product Sku: SB-414-B
Sturdy brown leather holds a customizable sterling silver plate. Unique cufflink style silver button clasp. Adjustable.
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Sacred Shield Ring

Price: $390.00$312.00
Product Sku: SR-515-13
Reflect any negative energy that may whirl your way with this amazing soul shield of sterling silver. Distressed silver medallion, thick hammered band with moon, star and bird etchings. Inside reads, "Courage." Signed.
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Desert Sunrise Earrings

Price: $440.00$308.00
Product Sku: SE-1012-58
The sky peels colors as a nubile sun rises over the distant Mojave mountains. Holly blue chalcedony to ruby to aquamarine. Variations of sterling silver hearts hang below. 1.75"L
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Meadow Goddess Ring

Price: $1,090.00$872.00
Product Sku: SR-314-E1
A vibrant faceted emerald sparkles from a 14k gold bezel like an evening in an enchanted meadow. Thick sterling silver band features etchings of flowers, birds and leaves. Raised heart inside band, signed.
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Bright Moon Bracelet

Price: $490.00$343.00
Product Sku: SB-414-A
This soft, dark leather bracelet features a sterling silver medallion with a raised moon and etched tree. Unique cufflink style button clasp, signed Jes MaHarry. Leather width: 1 1/4". Bracelet fits 7" wrist.
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Prom Queen Earrings

Price: $460.00$322.00
Product Sku: SE-1012-64
Around a beautifully faceted sapphire sit pink tourmaline in oxidized sterling silver. Below, vibrant pink sapphires dazzle. 1.5"L
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Sun in the Rain Necklace

Price: $980.00$686.00
Product Sku: SN-51513
Droplets of aquamarine rain onto a sterling silver medallion reading "keep the faith." Waves, clouds and a flower dance around. Silver lobster clasp, signed. 16.0"L
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Morning Glory Ring

Price: $690.00$552.00
Product Sku: SR-10136
Cool and calming, aqua chalcedony blooms from an etch-free bezel of sterling silver. Around the silver band, flowers entwine. Inside reads, "beauty forever." Signed.
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Ring Around the Rose Earrings

Price: $280.00$196.00
Product Sku: SE-5156
These sweet little earrings are comprised of a ring of faceted pink tourmaline in oxidized sterling silver. Sterling silver french ear wire. .5"L
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Moonbow Earrings

Price: $280.00$168.00
Product Sku: se-5155
Inhale deeply, and witness a spectrum of color magically created around a full moon. Rainbow moonstone in oxidized sterling silver. French ear wire. .5"L
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Reflection Ring

Price: $1,290.00$1,032.00
Product Sku: SR-10131
When gazing into this sparkling, faceted pool of aqua chalcedony, take time to reflect upon your past, present, and future dreams. 14k yellow gold bezel. Thin hammered sterling silver band.
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Spring Baby Earrings

Price: $320.00$224.00
Product Sku: SE-51519
Sweet and simple, pink tourmaline twinkles as droplets of green peridot dance below. Sterling silver french ear wire. .5"L
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Wild Child Earrings

Price: $310.00$217.00
Product Sku: se-1012-61
These fun little earrings are wild in all the right ways. Below faceted stones of orange chalcedony, sterling silver doves and stars dance, while tiny striped conch shells spice things up. French ear wire. 1.25"L
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Pixie Dust Ring

Price: $890.00$712.00
Product Sku: SR-10134
Fit for a fairy dancing with fireflies in the twilight, this lovely little ring stars a faceted holly blue chalcedony in a 14k rose gold bezel. Thin sterling silver band reads, "luck, love, magic," inside. Signed.
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Ariel Circus Earrings

Price: $320.00$224.00
Product Sku: se-5158
These festive earrings feature a ring of rainbow moonstone in oxidized sterling silver reigning atop three tiny sapphire tears. Sterling silver french ear wire. 1.0"L
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Answer in the Wind Bracelet

Price: $1,390.00$834.00
Product Sku: SB-51526
This stunning little gold bracelet captures the mystery of the wind. Leaves, one of 14k yellow gold and one of rose, connect by a thin sterling silver chain to a customizable rose gold tag. Up to three letter personalization. 14k gold lobster clasp. 7.0"L
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Lunar Halo Earrings

Price: $320.00$192.00
Product Sku: se-5154
A ring of rainbow moonstone in oxidized sterling silver shine in brilliant iridescence above three tiny white pearls. Silver french ear wire. .75"L
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Retro Ring Earrings

Price: $280.00$196.00
Product Sku: SE-51513
With a funky, retro vibe, aquamarine, rhodolite garnet, and amethyst ring in oxidized sterling silver. French ear wires. .5"L
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Floret Earrings

Price: $460.00
Product Sku: SRE-1
Like a flower basking in the sun, faceted stones of pink tourmaline surround a focal sapphire, while rubies and pink quartz hang below. French ear wire. 1.5"L
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