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Love for the Earth Necklace

Price: $270.00$229.50
Product Sku: N46
An all sterling silver necklace holds a charm shaped as a quirky heart etched with a smaller beaming heart representing endless love for the earth. Lobster clasp. 20"L
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Pretty Penny Pearl Necklace

Price: $1,200.00$1,020.00
Product Sku: SN-611-116
An elegant strand of freshwater pearls come together in this lovely, delicate necklace with a 14k yellow gold charm reminiscent of a lucky penny at its center. 24" L.
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Picture of Elegance Necklace

Price: $490.00$416.50
Product Sku: N2-407
Freshwater pearls, mexican fire opals, aquamarine, african sandcast, and chevron tradebeads come together in the Picture of Elegance Necklace. 17" L.
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Golden Ama Cuff

Price: $12,000.00$10,200.00
Product Sku: 11-b37-yg
Born from love, filled with an abundance of vitality and joy. Bold, twisted 14k yellow gold cuff holds two 14k yellow gold symbols of inner courage/trees, peace/doves, and the life giving Sun. Signed. Fits wrist size from 6 ¾ to 7 ¾”. Band measures 3/8” wide. (Also available in sterling cuff with 14K rose end charms; Ama~ 11-B48 $3200.00)
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Always Pearl Bracelet

Price: $1,900.00$1,615.00
Product Sku: B4-400
White freshwater pearls on a 14k yellow gold chain suspend a hanging 14k yellow gold heart charm engraved with the words 'Always'. 6.5-8" L.
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Ethiopian Bracelet

Price: $340.00$289.00
Product Sku: B1-411
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Reach Bracelet

Price: $580.00$493.00
Product Sku: B2-401
Triple-strand bracelet made up of freshwater pearls, aquamarine, amethyst, chrysoprase and moonstone, and adorned with two sterling silver charms engraved with the words 'Reach'. Sterling silver lobster clasp. 6"-8" L.
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Pearls of Faith Necklace

Price: $790.00$671.50
Product Sku: SN-914-A26
A delicate strand of pearls, with ruby, carnelian, and turquoise accents, and a sterling silver heart and cross-shaped charm. 24" L.
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Love Safe Necklace

Price: $4,200.00$3,570.00
Product Sku: 11-n002
On thin sterling chain of hand-hewn bone links hangs this impenetrable token of love. 14k rose gold with a conflict-free diamond perimeter frames a customizable space, up to two letters. Back reads, "you are always in my heart." Contact studio for details.
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Clouds Rain Bracelet

Price: $890.00$756.50
Product Sku: sb-b0b
Two strands of large white pearls lead to irregular handmade sterling silver beads. Fits up to 8" wrist. Lobster clasp.
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Nature and Nurture Necklace

Price: $4,200.00$3,570.00
Product Sku: JMG-N4
A mother and her child are etched upon a 14K yellow gold charm representing their everlasting allegiance inside this beautiful world of quintessence and wonderment.18K white gold wire chain wrapped with moss green diamonds. Lobster clasp. CHAIN LENGTH 18”. CHARM WIDTH .8” by 1”
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Sea Spirits Bracelet

Price: $1,400.00$980.00
Product Sku: SB-914-B25
Dark waves crash to foam, the sun dancing on ripples expanding in shallow water against the shore. In this bracelet, faceted stones of aquamarine and lapis sparkle from oxidized sterling silver. Signature tag at lobster clasp. 6.5-8.0 "
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Wise Beyond Fear Necklace 

Price: $8,900.00$7,565.00
Product Sku: JMG-N8
Tranquil wisdom radiates from this soaring 14k yellow gold owl, his sapphire soul, blue, sparkling, safely embedded. The large faceted stone sits at his heart, while the back of the charm reminds us to always "let magic shine." Hand-hewn 18k yellow gold chain. Signature tag at lobster clasp.  18.0"L
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Psychedelic Daisy Bracelet

Price: $1,100.00$770.00
Product Sku: SB-914-1319
Colors twirl in an infinite field of psychedelic daisies. Rainbows arch through the sky above the blooming fields, bees buzz, suspended lazily in the warm sun. In oxidized sterling silver, two flowers, one of sapphire with pink tourmaline petals, one of lapis with carnelian petals, frame rainbow moonstone, turquoise, and leaves of chrysoprase. Rose quartz at oxidized lobster clasp. 6.5-8 "
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Bliss Bracelet

Price: $540.00$459.00
Product Sku: SB-414-1
This dark, soft leather bracelet stars a thick hammered sterling silver charm. Unique cufflink style button clasp. Adjustable up to 11.5".
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Royal Mischief Bracelet

Price: $2,200.00$1,870.00
Product Sku: JMG-B3
The cunning prince of the meadow sparkles in this stunning 14k yellow gold bracelet. With a mind of extremely rare faceted purple sapphire, he dances from a hand-hewn chain. Signature tag at lobster clasp.   7.0"L
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Glass Castle Bracelet

Price: $690.00$586.50
Product Sku: SB-914-B13
This bracelet commands a certain antique elegance. In oxidized silver, faceted carnelian, rose quartz and apatite, alternate. A work of pellucid vintage beauty. Silver lobster clasp. 6.5-8 "
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Compassion Necklace

Price: $420.00$357.00
Product Sku: N1-403
Good luck white heart trade beads dating back to the 1800s, watermelon chevrons, and coral come together in this limited edition, recycled leather necklace adorned with a sterling silver charm engraved with the words 'nurture', 'life', 'love', 'compassion', and signed by Jes. Signature loop and toggle closure. 21"L.
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Effervesce Bracelet

Price: $670.00$569.50
Product Sku: SB-1013-30
The sun shines on shallow water. Bubbles rise to the top, bursting, illuminating a symphony of life teeming deep below. Faceted Holly blue chalcedony stones, alternating in size, in oxidized sterling silver culminates with three large pearls at the hand hewn sterling silver hook clasp. Signature charm. 8.0 "
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See My Future Necklace

Price: $420.00$357.00
Product Sku: SN-914-A14
Watermelon chevrons, amethyst, and crushed Tibetan turquoise beads come together in the limited edition See My Future Necklace with a hanging, sterling silver circular charm suspended from recycled leather.
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Crystalline Garden Bracelet

Price: $1,400.00$1,190.00
Product Sku: SB-914-B24
Frost whips through floral gardens, sheaths of ice encapsulate, preserving blossoms eternal in their in crystalline elegance. All set in oxidized sterling silver, rose and lilac quartz sparkle to a brilliantly faceted sapphire surrounded by petals of pink tourmaline. Raw rubies suspend tears of faceted rainbow moonstone. Sun charm at lobster clasp. 7.5-9"
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Peace of Mind Necklace

Price: $340.00$289.00
Product Sku: SN-51515
Recycled leather. Loop and button closure. 19" L.
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Crystal Veil Bracelet

Price: $520.00$442.00
Product Sku: SB-914-B23
Dew grows thick, tangible in the morning air. The hum of crickets, a low layer of sound. The sun has not yet risen, though the muted light of day illuminates the sky, shaping spaces between the trees, the horizon. Experience the veil of mist crystalize in this stunning piece. Oxidized sterling silver holds faceted, sparkling stones of lilac and rose quartz as they alternate between smaller stones of rainbow moonstone. Silver "Grow...
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The Sage Necklace

Price: $14,900.00$12,665.00
Product Sku: JM-07
Present in the depths of his infinite knowledge, the Sage owl reads the night sky. The air is cold, still, as waves of supernatural visions and intuitive premonitions swirl through his wild mind. Here, his wisdom is immortalized in raw 14k yellow gold. Shades of ancient green tourmaline, some of the rarest and most sought after in the world, undulate, changing in hue, a full moon shimmer on a vast, dark forest of evergreens. The charm'...
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