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Circle of Choice Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: N42
An all sterling silver charm available for one letter customization leaves you with mystery and opportunity. Lobster clasp. LENGTH 19.5”
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Endless Opportunity Necklace

Price: $270.00
Product Sku: N50
A heart shaped charm presents itself upon an all sterling silver necklace with a hollow center allowing endless opportunities for new love. Lobster clasp. 20"L
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One Moon Cuff

Price: $7,900.00
Product Sku: 1kind
The One Moon Cuff is an incredibly special bracelet. Made with recycled saddle leather, each piece features custom drawings by Jes. Every one is wholly unique, a one of a kind treasure made especially for you. Around the massive crescent moon, shining in sterling silver, on which a 14k golden dove is perched, Jes' whimsical drawings of love, friendship and family play. Contact studio for details.
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Sea Ring Bracelet

Price: $4,300.00
Product Sku: b4-13
Nine large pearls ring in 14k yellow gold hand-hewn bone link chain. 7.5"L
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Metal Petal Ring

Price: $360.00
Product Sku: SR-2142
This unique, edgy sterling silver ring features a than flat slab on sterling band with raised moon and stars.
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Rancher Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: SB-61312
White heart trade beads and sterling silver woven in brown cord meet at turquoise in silver bezel. Button clasp. Fits up to 9" wrist.
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Indigenous Necklace

Price: $590.00
Product Sku: SSNW-514
An abstract sterling silver charm evoking nature's perfect imperfections dances from a snaking, oxidized silver chain. Sterling silver lobster clasp. 20"L
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Rare Abstraction Necklace 

Price: $1,590.00
Product Sku: SN-1013-91
A hammered rectangle of 14k yellow gold, a strip of 14k rose gold, and two shimmering spessartine garnets comprise this conceptual necklace. A lithe 14k yellow gold chain suspends. Lobster clasp. 17.75"L 
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Love Between Souls Necklace

Price: $270.00
Product Sku: N52
Empathy, compassion and trust shine through an all sterling silver heart shaped charm symbolizing a bond between two souls. Lobster clasp. LENGTH 20”
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SR-51515 Copper Don Ring

Price: $890.00
Product Sku: SR-51515
Raw copper reflects from a 14k yellow gold bezel as the band, a sterling silver peace dove, wraps your troubles in dreams. "Be Free."
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Robins Egg Cuff Links

Price: $420.00
Product Sku: SMCL-1
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Carnival Bracelet

Price: $780.00
Product Sku: B2-403
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Rise Open Hoops

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: V14-E9
Hoops of hammered sterling silver complete with 14k yellow gold chain. 14k French ear wire. 1.25"L 
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Gwyneth Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: SB-1013-16
Two strands of tiny freshwater pearls separated by three delicate 14k white gold chains come together in the stunning Gwyneth Bracelet. Signature Jes MaHarry hook-and-loop closure. Signed. 8" L.
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Clouds Rain Bracelet

Price: $890.00
Product Sku: sb-b0b
Two strands of large white pearls lead to irregular handmade sterling silver beads. Fits up to 8" wrist. Lobster clasp.
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Gwynevere Bracelet

Price: $580.00
Product Sku: SB-1013-15
Two strands of alternating shades of grey and white freshwater pearls separated by three delicate 14k white gold chains come together in the stunning Gwynevere Bracelet. Signature Jes MaHarry hook-and-loop closure. Signed. 6.5-8.5" L.
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Winged Spirit Necklace

Price: $270.00
Product Sku: N47
The earth shines beneath a fearless wingspan of grace, all sterling silver. Lobster clasp. 20"
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Courage of the Heart Necklace

Price: $3,800.00
Product Sku: JMG-N5
A graceful lion etched upon a rose gold charm inspires the importance of individual courage and bravery throughout life. 14K rose gold. Lobster clasp.
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Golden Ama Cuff

Price: $12,000.00
Product Sku: 11-b37-yg
Born from love, filled with an abundance of vitality and joy. Bold, twisted 14k yellow gold cuff holds two 14k yellow gold symbols of inner courage/trees, peace/doves, and the life giving Sun. Signed. Fits wrist size from 6 ¾ to 7 ¾”. Band measures 3/8” wide. (Also available in sterling cuff with 14K rose end charms; Ama~ 11-B48 $3200.00)
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Earth Center Necklace 

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: SN-515-34
Compressed heat, fire, forges a single diamond shining from 14k yellow gold, the beaming center of a hammered sterling silver sphere. Oxidized sterling silver chain. Lobster clasp. 17.5"L
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Love Safe Necklace

Price: $4,200.00
Product Sku: 11-n002
On thin sterling chain of hand-hewn bone links hangs this impenetrable token of love. 14k rose gold with a conflict-free diamond perimeter frames a customizable space, up to two letters. Back reads, "you are always in my heart." Contact studio for details.
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Champagne Bracelet

Price: $343.00
Product Sku: SB-914-B43
The most elegant triple-strand bracelet comes together with three aquamarines at its center, and surrounded by contrasting champagne and white pearls. Sterling Silver toggle closure. 8" L.
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Always Pearl Bracelet

Price: $1,900.00
Product Sku: B4-400
White freshwater pearls on a 14k yellow gold chain suspend a hanging 14k yellow gold heart charm engraved with the words 'Always'. 6.5-8" L.
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From Above Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: N41
An angel protects from above, all sterling silver. Lobster clasp. LENGTH 20”
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