Jes MaHarry Jewelry

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Simple Class Earrings

Price: $190.00
Product Sku: se-51511
Simple and cool hammered sterling silver hoops. 1.25"L
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Sand and Stone Bracelet

Price: $224.00
Product Sku: SB-311-67
Earthy trade beads and carnelian frame a sterling silver charm, angel on front, heart on back. Brass nickel head button clasp. 8.0"L
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Pink Pansy Necklace

Price: $340.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N7
This sweet little necklace features beads of prehnite, apatite and pink tourmaline amongst hundreds of glass Fulani trade beads dating back to the 1800's. From deer hide hangs an open sterling silver ring. Sterling silver heart shaped lobster clasp. Signed. 18.5"L
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Peace From Above Locket

Price: $580.00
Product Sku: SEP12-N6
This lovely sterling silver locket features a raised peace dove flying high above the clouds, yet just below a shining star in the form of a small conflict-free diamond. 20"L
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True Blue Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N2
This bold little piece features glass Fulani trade beads and lucky white hearts dating back to the 1800's. Deer hide leather to sterling silver "Be True" tag. Coral button clasp. 16.0"L
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Alamo Locket

Price: $670.00
Product Sku: sn-51553
All sterling silver, this hip locket features a hammered and raised cross holding a square piece of turquoise. Oxidized chain, lobster clasp. 19.5"L
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Frogs Necklace

Price: $390.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N3
From a thick hammered sterling silver worry free charm hop coral and ancient Fulani trade beads. Coral to deer hide button clasp. 16.0"L
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Crush On You Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N1
Tiny black pearls and red Fulani trade beads snake to three sterling silver hearts. Heart shaped sterling silver lobster clasp to large black pearl. Signed. 18.0"L
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El Paso Necklace

Price: $340.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N12
A blend of African Fulani trade beads and white hearts dating back hundreds of years comprise this sunny little piece. Sterling silver cross with turquoise detail. Sterling silver lobster clasp. Signed. 19.25"L
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Blushing Ring

Price: $7,900.00
Product Sku: GPS-414-46
Like the excitement radiating from love's first kiss, pink sapphires from dark to light adorn the undulating form of this fantastic 14k yellow gold band. Seven sapphires total, stone color will vary.
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Safe With Me Baby Locket

Price: $320.00
Product Sku: sn-51517
Keep your loved ones close with this tiny little love locket. All sterling silver, oxidized chain, lobster clasp, signed. 18.0"L
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Out West Necklace

Price: $240.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N8
Turquoise, glass Fulani trade beads, and lucky white heart trade beads from the 1800's comprise this treasure, blue like the endless desert sky. Sterling silver lobster clasp. Signed. Measures 17 3/4-18.0"L
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Rainbow Showers Necklace

Price: $290.00
Product Sku: JUN-14-N10
Spring showers bring summer flowers. Ancient trade beads comprise this happy little necklace. "Dream" star sterling silver tag attached with recycled deer hide. Shell button clasp. 18.0"L
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Wave Set Cuff

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: SB-5155
This hammered sterling silver cuff rolls like an undulating set of waves coming in towards the shore. Width of cuff 7/8" at widest. Signed. Fits up to 8" wrist.
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Soul Miner Bracelet

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: sb-5157
Dense, edgy and extremely oxidized, this sterling silver bracelet defines cool. Thick chain to center portion of Sun Horse Cuff. Lobster clasp. Signed. 8.0"L
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Warm Wind Ring

Price: $4,400.00
Product Sku: SR-4138
Thick, opulent and solid gold, this stunning ring features six sparkling sapphires, each shining a different color. As leaves swirl in a warm summer wind, band inside reads "balance." Signed with a heart.
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Little Queen Ring (size 7 only)

Price: $903.00
Product Sku: SR-51512
This gorgeous little 14k rose gold ring stars a shimmering conflict-free diamond. Squiggle etchings around band, single raised heart inside.
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Magic Sea Ring

Price: $1,990.00
Product Sku: SR-5158
This stunning band of white gold depicts a magic night at sea. Amongst 5 multicolored sapphires, dolphins leap, waves crash and the moon rises high. Inside, "infinite love." Signed.
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Bright Flight Bracelet

Price: $490.00
Product Sku: SB-51538
A dove takes flight, the wind whipping its wings, soaring to the sun. All sterling silver, this unique design features a medallion that snaps to a thin hammered bangle. Reverse of dove reads, "heal and protect." 2.5"W
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Sea Stallion Bracelet

Price: $203.00
Product Sku: B1-42
Majestic ruler of the deep, this octopus reigns in sterling silver waves. Reverse of medallion reads simply, "bliss." Leather to sterling silver clasp. 7.5"L
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Jane's Charm Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: BC11
This sweet charm bracelet is inspired by the beautiful soul of our rescued cow, Jane. All sterling silver, three charms dangle from the thin chain. The first, Jane holds a flower in her mouth, a heart for a third eye, reading "love with compassion" on reverse. The second, A "heal" tree, reading "be brace and have courage." The last, Jes' heart sun horse charm. Signed. Lobster clasp. 7.0"L
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Silver Springs Necklace

Price: $640.00
Product Sku: SN-5151
Like a sparkling silver river emptying into an enchanted pool in the wild sun, knotted beads of faceted sterling silver lead to a powerful sterling silver medallion surrounded by small heart and star charms, and a substantial piece of deep blue turquoise. Medallion features eye, peace sun, leaves in the wind and a stallion jumping a rainbow. Reads, "heal your heart, body and soul." Signed silver button clasp to white heart trade beads...
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Simply Sun Horse Bracelet

Price: $240.00
Product Sku: sb-1134
Jes' iconic sterling silver sun horse charm hangs from a silver chain. Oxidized heart sun on back of charm. Single star hanging at silver lobster clasp. 8.0"L
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Magic Butterfly Necklace

Price: $336.00
Product Sku: sn-613-39
This oxidized sterling silver butterfly posses a deep magic. Heavily etched medallion with leaves falling on back. Oxidized silver chain. Signed. 17.5
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