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Cariaco Ring

Price: $1,600.00
Product Sku: GTR-414-30
A unique, spirited piece of Nevada's Cariaco Lake turquoise reigns from a rose gold bezel atop a knobbed band of lightly oxidized 14k gold. Bezel features etchings of a leaping sun horse, star, peace sign, heart and ornate sun. Stones will vary.
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Serenity Necklace

Price: $890.00
Product Sku: A12-N12
To hold this gold peace sign and feel the simple serenity it exudes is like having a warmth flow through you that radiates pure divine love. From a long, adjustable vegan suede necklace the 14k yg peace sign with one single conflict-free diamond nestled within. "Enjoy life," inscribed on front. "Love+Joy" on back. 38.0" L
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Be Bold Necklace

Price: $2,900.00
Product Sku: SN-1013-69
Courage is power so dare to be bold. With an almost industrial feel, this interesting unisex necklace features an irregular 14k yg charm suspended by thick sterling silver bone links and an oxidized sterling silver chain. Charm reads "Honor, Courage, Truth" on back. Lobster clasp. Also available in all sterling upon request. 20.0" L
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California Dreamin' Necklace

Price: $2,700.00
Product Sku: TGN-415
Feel the warmth of California's sun shining golden in an eternal blue sky every time you wear this vibrant necklace. 14k rose delicate gold chain. Rare and incredibly vibrant, hand cut, sky blue Kingman turquoise with a stunning 22k bezel. Stone color and size may vary slightly/please contact the studio. Rose gold lobster clasp. 17.5" L
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Charmed Bracelet

Price: $1,800.00
Product Sku: SCB-4149
This substantial charm bracelet bears an unforgettable zest for life, reminding one to always be thankful, to always see beauty and appreciate fully the ones we love. From the bold sterling silver chain, a tree of life, an ornate heart, a rose gold love heart, a peace dove, a classic leaping Sun Horse, with a heart sun on back. Sterling silver toggle clasp. Signed. 8.0"L
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Heart Song Necklace

Price: $2,800.00
Product Sku: YGNL-414
A peaceful dove sings, soaring high above a diamond sky, transcending love, before finding a home on this stunning 14k yg locket. Hanging from a 14k yg chain, this 14k yg locket features a peace dove and heart holding a conflict-free diamond. Etch-free. 14k yg lobster clasp. Signed. 20.0" L
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Anachronism Necklace

Price: $540.00
Product Sku: SN-SHELL
Let this rugged, earthy, necklace transport you back millions of years. Faceted sterling silver beads with knotted leather lead to an iridescent ammonite fossil, a marine species that became extinct approximately 66 million years ago. Irregular hammered silver and beaded leather button clasp. 25" L Limited edition. Each shell will vary.
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Come Together Necklace

Price: $840.00
Product Sku: SGN-4141
Join this stunning group of friends dancing just below your neckline. A holographic Ethiopian opal, pink tourmaline, and a little aquamarine swim amongst a 14k yg leaf, peace dove and one letter customizable circle. The star, a magnificently faceted teardrop stone of aquamarine, reigns safely from a 14k yg bezel. Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp. 15.0" L
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Vortex Ring

Price: $890.00
Product Sku: SR-414-33
This interesting sterling silver ring deals in negative space. The circular indent, sweeping you far from yourself, bearing no etchings, while its surroundings feature a flower, moon, and "life." The incredibly thick silver band reads only "grow". Signed.
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Tiara Bracelet

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: PQLB
Embellish your wrist with this regal little bracelet. A dainty 14k yg chain leads to a faceted gold bezeled stone of pink quartz framed on each side by three conflict-free diamonds. 14k lobster clasp. Limited edition.
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My Hero Necklace

Price: $640.00
Product Sku: SN-4914
Adorn your hero, whomever he or she may be, with this hip unisex necklace featuring faceted beads of sterling silver woven with knotted leather. A heavy worry-free circle charm bears no markings on the front, with "LOVE+HONOR" imprinted boldly on back. Sterling silver lobster clasp. Signed. 25.0" L
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Entwine Bracelet

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: SBB-414-23
Jewels, silver and wisdom intertwine to form this awe-inspiring multi-strand creation. Two sterling silver beads fasten the four strands of splendor. Faceted beads of apatite frame a large, smooth stone of pink tourmaline. Large links of sterling silver remind to "shine on" with star etchings, held together with smaller links of hammered silver. Holly blue chalcedony lead to smooth orbs of kyanite, and the focal strand features...
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Just Like Honey Ring

Price: $870.00
Product Sku: SRR-414-37
A globe of citrine dollops into a rose gold bezel featuring etchings of a cloud, moon, sun, wind and star. On its thin sterling silver band, birds flit about, soaring towards the sky, while its inside reads "True Peace."
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Mermaid Jungle Ring

Price: $5,400.00
Product Sku: AGR-414-36
Plants of the sea weave together, tangling in the golden sunlight as crystal blue waters sparkle above. Capturing this moment, a 14k yg foliage band culminates in a gorgeous faceted aquamarine with etch-free 14k yg bezel. The object of every mermaid's envy.
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Snake Eye Ring

Price: $740.00
Product Sku: RC2
This stunning little ring stars a hyper green eye of chrome diopside glaring from a 14k yg bezel. Thin 14k yg band with squiggle etching.
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Secret Garden Ring

Price: $390.00
Product Sku: RC4
Enter a portal of sparkling green chrome diopside to a lush world of wonder with this cool sterling silver ring. Band free of etchings. Signed.
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Earth Sorceress Ring

Price: $1,190.00
Product Sku: SR-314P
The Earth Sorceress is an extremely powerful ring. A massive sphere of prehnite, the stone of unconditional love, holds a mysterious internal glow, gleaning from a 14k rose gold bezel. A thick, ornate sterling silver band teems with life: leaping Sunhorses, flying hearts, twisting oak trees, and birds fly amongst the blooming flowers. "Respect Earth" is scrawled on opposite side. Inside, "Love Life." Signed.
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Green Eyes Ring

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: RC5
Edgy yet delicate, this stunning hammered 14k yg ring stars a faceted stone of green chrome diopside.
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Crystal Vision Ring

Price: $860.00
Product Sku: SR-314A
Peer into the future to attain your wildest dreams with this magic crystal ball of amethyst. The deep, smooth stone is embezzled in 14k rose gold, free of etchings. Its sterling silver band, bearing only a small heart on the outside, reminds us to "Be Thankful" inside. Stone measures approximately 13.6 mm. Band measures approximately 5.65 mm
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Untamable Ring

Price: $390.00
Product Sku: 414-RS
This wild, rustic ring celebrates the feeling of elation and freedom in a group of galloping horses. A focal sterling silver Sunhorse leaps through the air surrounded with knob detail, while another runs along the hammered silver band. Inside the band reads, "Live Free," and "love." Signed.
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Blowin' In The Wind Ring

Price: $1,300.00
Product Sku: SR-314T
This awesome earthy ring features a large stone of turquoise embezzled in 14k yellow gold. Around its thick sterling silver band, leaves blow, flowers blossom, and a cloud reveals a rainbow. Inside reads simply "Jes."
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Blood Moon Cuff

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: FEB13-B4
Like the magic and powerful blood moon rarely gracing our sky, this raw ruby cuff commands attention. The deep, faceted stone shimmers from its sterling silver bezel mounted on the silver cuff. Inside reads "Shine Bright," and "live life fully." Signed. 2.5"W
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Forest Pixie Ring

Price: $1,100.00
Product Sku: RC-3
This fanciful little ring features a garden of silver flowers leading to an embellished14k yg bezel surrounding a faceted stone of chrome diopside. "Eternal love" and "soul" etched along top and bottom of sterling silver band.
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Be Here Now Ring

Price: $1,290.00
Product Sku: SRGR-414
Remain present with this stone of wisdom and power, of regality and fortune: raw sapphire. Shimmering from a 14k yg bezel, the faceted gem reigns atop a sterling silver eye band. Signed.
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