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Be Free My Friends bracelet

Price: $295.00
Product Sku: 5DT-B6
Trade beads, amethyst, citrine and sterling silver. Centered with Jes' sterling silver charm of a running horse and dog. Back of charms reads Friends. Lobster closure measures 7-8" long. One of a kind/No returns.
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Crystal Sky Ring

Price: $7,900.00
Product Sku: tan-514
Like a deep and endless summer sky, a huge stone of tanzanite enchants from a 14k yellow gold bezel. On the thick 14k yellow gold band, doves and angels offer flowers to the clouds, reminding us to "Keep the faith." Inside reads simply, "compassion." Signed.
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Keep On Turning Ring

Price: $1,200.00
Product Sku: GSSR-41448
This unique, fun ring reminds us that regardless of life's undulating balance, the world keeps on turning. The sterling silver band features a spinning band of 14k yellow gold bearing those you might encounter in a summer meadow: peace doves holding flowers, a dragonfly, bees, clouds and hearts. Sterling band measures 3/8" .Signed.
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Something Special Earrings

Price: $1,690.00
Product Sku: se-813-18
Huge pearls with the gift of rainbows shine opalescently from bezels of 22k yellow gold. Rose gold lever backs. .5"L No returns
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Akin Bracelet

Price: $620.00
Product Sku: sb-611-43
Hand-hewn, heavily oxidized, and wholly unique. Around thin sterling silver bangles connected by a link with heart detail spin a litany of beauty. Silver beads featuring hearts, knobs, stars and other etchings dance alongside a prideful lion charm reading "have courage," and a peace dove in flight reading "heal & protect." 2.5"W
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Tree Snake Necklace

Price: $590.00
Product Sku: ssnw-514
Slither up the bark of a tree bursting with the vibrance of life. A highly irregular sterling silver charm featuring an etched leaf plays with negative space from a serpentine silver woven chain. Charm reads "LOVE" on back. 20.0"L
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Stone Fall Earrings

Price: $420.00
Product Sku: se-1113-e
In hoops of sterling silver dance a cascade of lapis, turquoise and trade beads dating back hundreds of years. Hanging in the center of it all, little silver hearts reading "love" and "honor." 1.75"L, hoops measure 1.5" diameter. No returns please.
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Phoenix Rise Bracelet

Price: $380.00
Product Sku: sb-613-27
Witness this silver phoenix rise in flames from the ashes. Charm features a sterling silver wild bird spreading his magnificent wings, safely fastened by four strands of soft red leather. Back of charm reads, "Love, peace, sunshine," and "Enlightenment." Hand-hewn sterling silver bead deems bracelet adjustable. 9.0"L (Adjustable)
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Inamorata Earrings

Price: $960.00
Product Sku: 09-e10
From oval hoops of 14k rose gold sway two faceted stones red garnet framing beautiful, smooth pink quartz. Yellow gold wire wrapping. No returns. 2.5"L
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Bedlah Earrings

Price: $320.00
Product Sku: se-1012-65
Listen to the jangle of a belly dancer's movements from a distant desert oasis. Beginning with cool, faceted pools of aquamarine, sterling silver hearts cascade to oxidized silver embezzled pink tourmaline. Three silver scales dance, shining in the light below. French ear wire. No Returns 1.5"L
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Trails of Gold Necklace

Price: $620.00
Product Sku: N000-10
Follow your heart to wherever this golden trail may lead. Tiny 14k beads woven within brown cord lead to a dazzling 14k rose gold charm featuring a lightly etched sun horse galloping beneath a tree of life. Reads "grow strong" on the back. Yellow gold toggle clasp. One of a kind. 16.5" long.
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Shapes of Love Bracelet

Price: $980.00
Product Sku: b3-72
This unique bracelet celebrates the many forms of love. From a hammered sterling silver band hang three heart charms; one silver chili heart, a silver concentric heart, and a 14k rose gold tag heart reading "love." The vessel above the charms reminds one to "enjoy life." Signed. 2.5"W
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Ceremony Necklace

Price: $7,900.00
Product Sku: NG-414
Fall under the spell of this enchanting necklace as it conjures magic beyond your wildest dreams. An alchemist's fantasy, 14k rose and yellow gold drip from a gold chain laden with smooth stones of dark garnet, the stone of creative energy. The 14k eye of deep vision watches over, resting just above your heart. A 14k focal skull shines with conflict-free diamond eyes, protected by a wise, golden serpent holding a cosmic mind. Tulips...
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Precious Peace Earrings

Price: $1,100.00
Product Sku: SE-613-51
In these adorable 14k gold earrings, peace doves soar below 14k. gold hearts holding two sweet conflict-free diamond souls. 14k yellow gold lever back. 1.0"L
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Mother Ocean Earrings

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: pg-1
Huge opalescent pearls hang, suspended from hoops of 14k yellow gold. 14k gold wire wrapping. .75"L
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Supernal Necklace

Price: $3,200.00
Product Sku: NG-414-1
Soar through the cosmos, whole universes flying past, 'til reaching the Supernal. From a 14k gold star dazzles a faceted red ruby. 14k rose gold chain. Yellow gold lobster clasp. Signed. 17"L
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Potion Earrings

Price: $2,200.00
Product Sku: v14-ew
The present dims as you sink deeply into the enchanted potion of these phenomenal emerald earrings. Embezzled in 24k gold, the faceted raw stones possess a spectral luminosity, captivating all they encounter. Different stone sizes available, price dependent on size. Pictured: .5"L
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Heal Me Now Wrap Bracelet

Price: $390.00
Product Sku: SB-214-22
White trade beads woven with red cord to light brown leather comprise this interesting wrap bracelet. Solace is offered in a sterling silver worry-free charm reading "heal." Hammered silver button clasp to leather. 22.5"L
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Black Run River Bracelet

Price: $790.00
Product Sku: BDBSC-414
A dark river rushes, illuminated, dappled by shadows of the moon. Gorgeously faceted black diamonds are suspended by 14k rose gold chains. Two 14k yellow gold crosses and a heart lead to the 14k oblong lobster clasp. 7 1/2".
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Ophidian Earrings

Price: $990.00
Product Sku: IESD1
Charm these serpent studs of 18k white gold and conflict-free diamonds as they sparkle from the ears of their new master. .5"L
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Beatific Bracelet

Price: $340.00
Product Sku: SB-413-11
A special collection hangs from this thin sterling silver chain. A large white pearl and baby 14k gold heart frame our focal sterling silver charm depicting a serene day in the clouds. A butterfly floats by, an angel holds a flower bursting light like the sun above a serene patch of clouds. Opposite side reads "peace within." A sterling silver leaf reminding to "never give up" dangles near the silver lobster clasp. Signed. 8.5"L
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Fire Sky Bracelet

Price: $520.00
Product Sku: SDB-80
In this fun multi-strand treasure of spiny oyster, the red sands of the west meet an endless blue sky. Sterling silver bezel around vibrant stone of turquoise reads "courage," and "hope." Earthy leather clasp to hammered sterling silver button. 9.5"L
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Six Sisters Bracelet

Price: $490.00
Product Sku: SB-2149
Around soft braided leather dance six of Jes' hand-hewn sterling silver beads. Some etched, some hammered, some with knob detail, all cool. Silver hook clasp. 8.5"L
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Taiga Fall Bracelet

Price: $340.00
Product Sku: SB-2144
Reminiscent of a season's change found deep in the forest, this funky double strand moves from lush to red. Woven into the dark green cord are beads of turquoise, red coral and white trade beads. The second features leather knotted white heart trade beads dating back hundreds of years. Signed sterling silver button clasp with bird and flower etchings. 9.0"L
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