Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list that we have compiled of questions that we receive most often. If your question is not on this list please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

1. Are your stones and gems high quality?
Yes. Jes hand selects every stone and gem that enters the studio. She has developed long lasting relationships with dealers for over 20
years from around the world. Not only does she select the stones and gems for their incredible quality but for their great energy as well. Jes only purchases conflict free stones and
uses only non-treated gems to ensure well-being for all parties involved.
Click here to see our gems and stones page.
Or visit GIA website

2. Are special orders welcome?
Yes, specials orders are always welcome! To discuss details please contact our sales department and someone will be happy to assist you.

3. How do I know if I have an authentic Jes MaHarry piece of jewelry?
Buy only from Jes MaHarry authorized dealers. Buy from either:

  • Visit our Store Locators page to find a store near you.

Be aware of fraudulent Jes MaHarry jewelry being sold on online auctions stores!

We have had several people contact our studio regarding pieces being offered other than through our authorized accounts and we want to advise our loyal customers to beware of counterfeit Jes MaHarry jewelry. With the popularity of Jes’s beautiful designs there has been a huge surge of counterfeit pieces that have been offered through numerous popular online auction stores.
If you see duplicated pieces being offered by one seller numerous times beware, they do not represent our studio nor can we authenticate the metal and or stones. As you know Jes’s work is only offered by i.e. Sundance Catalog,, various galleries and or boutiques, so please be cautious before purchasing other than from a reputable source.

4. If I see something I like on the website that says sold, may I still order it?
Yes, depending on the piece, we are always happy to make variations. Please call for inquiry.

5. What does one of a kind mean?
One of a kind means just that; Jes has only made one of that particular piece.

6. What does Limited Edition mean?
Limited edition means that there is only a very small number available of that particular design.

7. What are trade beads?
Please take a look at our “Homage to Tradebeads” page.

8. Are there really a pack of rescued dogs around Jes at all times?
Always! And the odd sounds you hear when you call our studio??… Could be many things… braying donkeys, Lilly our baby mule singing opera, horses neighing and snorting, dogs howling, Smiley (one of our Great Pyrenees) snoring, kids playing, or Ziggy our latest rescue Mtn. sheep bahhing… those sounds you hear could be many things…