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Project Coyote is a national non-profit organization based in Northern California whose mission is to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy. Our representatives, advisory board members and supporters include scientists, educators, ranchers and citizen leaders who work together to change laws and policies to protect native carnivores from abuse and mismanagement, advocating coexistence instead of killing. We seek to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other misunderstood predators by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation.


Project Coyote envisions a world where… Human communities coexist synergistically and peacefully with wildlife; Science empowers lasting solutions for resilient carnivore populations; Native carnivores are valued for their critical ecological role and their intrinsic worth; Children understand the value of Wild Nature; Compassionate conservation drives wildlife stewardship. Project Coyote is a fiscally sponsored project of Earth Island Institute, which has received a Four Star rating from Charity Navigator. Earth Island Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and as such, all donations to Project Coyote are tax-deductible.

With each purchase from this collection of Jes’ jewelry, a portion of the proceeds go to Project Coyote.

Bodhi Ring
Bodhi Ring
$420.00 - $4,800.00
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Allow Jes to share her delightful collection of fine jewelry with an unconventional medley of exquisite gems and rescued animals, deeply rooted in compassion.

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