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Every Mother Counts

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We envision a world where all women have the opportunity to enter motherhood and not only survive, but thrive
We work to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for all by giving grants and working with partners and thought leaders to increase awareness and mobilize communities to take action.


We raise awareness to build a community of informed, passionate allies. Since 2010, we have been growing public awareness about the often overlooked issue of maternal health around the world and in the U.S. We use storytelling, filmmaking, and data and research to share the challenges and opportunities in global maternal health. We create original, accessible content, tools, and resources for people to share and raise awareness in their own communities. Our belief is that the individual stories of people around the world have the power to inspire action and drive change.

We engage communities to take action for change. We inspire people to use their voices to advocate for quality, respectful, equitable maternity care for all. We activate and engage communities by providing opportunities to join our movement. We collaborate closely with key decision- and policy-makers, influencers, practitioners, and community members to identify priority maternal health issues and implement effective strategies for change.

We invest in community-based programs working to improve access to quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care.

We support programs that are community-based and are best able to identify and meet local needs, particularly for women who are underserved and marginalized. We invest in expanding and strengthening the maternity care provider workforce, advancing successful models of care, and increasing access to essential resources.

With each purchase from this collection of Jes’ jewelry, a portion of the proceeds go to Every Mother Counts .

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Allow Jes to share her delightful collection of fine jewelry with an unconventional medley of exquisite gems and rescued animals, deeply rooted in compassion.

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