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Sweet Jane Necklace

Sweet Jane Necklace


Inspired by Jes' beloved cow Sweet Jane, and her love for all creatures big and small, Jes created this talisman to help spread compassion to animals. Jane was brought to Jes Ranch only a day old. Bottle-fed for 6 months and free to roam with her pack of dogs, Jane grew to a nice big 2000 plus pounds. Jane lived free until she decided to devour many old-growth rose bushes... Jane then lived with Jes' herd of goats and sheep and as it turns out... Jane fell in LOVE with an elderly goat named Henry. The two were joined at the hips, slept together, played, and even ate together. Jane and Henry lived years happily together until Jane became too big to stay with the elderly sheep and goats and to make a long story short... Jane now lives up at Jes' friend's ranch where she is free on thousands of acres with another herd of rescued cows, safe and very happy.


The Cow Animal Guide represents Motherhood, birth, fertility, and nurturing. The Cow also is symbolic of the heavens, and protection. To have love towards all creation. 

  • Sterling Silver
  • Necklaces Length: 18.00″
  • Pendant Size : 1″
  • Soul Friends Collection
  • 25% of the proceeds go to Gentle Barn.
  • Lovingly crafted in Ojai, California.
As each piece of Jes MaHarry jewelry is lovingly hand-crafted especially for you, some items may require a lead time of two to three weeks for its completion. We will notify you with an expected delivery date upon purchase.
Please note, some stones may vary in color, shape, and size slightly due to Mother Earth’s uniqueness and the handmade process. At Jes MaHarry, we celebrate the individuality of each piece. If you need this item sooner than our expected delivery time, please contact us via email info@jesmaharry.com or by phone (877) 728-5537.

Allow Jes to share her delightful collection of fine jewelry with an unconventional medley of exquisite gems and rescued animals, deeply rooted in compassion.

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