Jes MaHarry has a spirited passion for life that pours through everything she does. Her strong desire to live each moment as fully and freely as possible is fueled by her empathic relationship with animals, deep love of nature and compassion for all living things. Her soulful lifestyle informs her art and original mixed-media jewelry that has come to be renowned worldwide.

Jes MaHarry always says such beautiful words: “I design my jewelry with the hope that it will bring a bit of beauty to our world, and a measure of solace and peace to you. I try to represent the wonder of natural and spiritual worlds through my work. I hope it resonates a deeper place within you. Be free and love life.”

Finding perfection in what is imperfect is Jes’s signature. Her free-form charms and innovative juxtaposition of raw and refined materials suggest the beauty of life is found in acceptance of what is. Over more than two decades this philosophy has attracted artisan jewelry collectors far and wide; drawn to her bold gemstones fusions, authentic ancient trade beads and the distinctive charms she so artfully carves with symbols of life, love, and words of inspiration.

It’s no matter that every great fire needs fuel by which to burn… Jes and Patrick struck a match when they found each other as college friends, artistic comrades, business partners, husband and wife and finally parents. A born visionary and empath, Jes’s unstoppable creative drive and limitless compassion are anchored by Patrick’s light-hearted sensibilities, loyalty and unyielding support.

Fusing Jes’s Free Spirit with Patrick’s artistic skills as a precision metalsmith – Jes’s artwork leaps off the page and into hearts and homes. Using cold rolled, recycled steel, Patrick recreates Jes’s charming characterizations; each one is then hand painted by Jes and her team of artisan jewelry makers, and many accessorized with her signature inspirational charms, ethically sourced gemstones, and ancient glass trade beads.

Jes has searched the globe for the most beautiful, rare and ancient earth elements available. Driven by her belief that each bead, stone, charm, gem, thread, and raw recycled metal holds a power and story of its own, it is imperative to her that pure goodness resonates through all.

Our jewelry is deeply rooted in kindness and many say you can feel the good energy behind it. Of course, Jes’s jewelry is totally eco-friendly. Her designs hold a power of their own and reflect all that she stands for. Wear with LOVE.

Allow Jes to introduce you to her world of four-legged, two-legged, furry, finned and feathered friends. Come to a place where beauty and joy reign supreme.

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